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The versatile and intuitive platform for creating business portals.

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Optimise relations between everyone involved in your business processes.

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Boost productivity. Optimise relations between everyone involved in your business processes. Speed up processes with PRIMAVERA WebCentral.

This intuitive platform makes your business more dynamic in every respect: it simplifies staff management, speeds up commercial relationships with partners, customers and suppliers, and ensures your public image is much more dynamic.

Boost your results now with this solution:

  • A solid, streamlined platform with considerable extensibility
  • A large number of ready-to-use templates
  • Simple, intuitive tools
  • Multiple business portals can be created quickly
  • Simplified management of contents and languages
  • Information flows can be adapted to the business's reality
  • Integration with various information systems and applications
  • Fast, simple and automatic processes
Learn how to have access to this solution.

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Obtain a perpetual usage licence for the solution.

Access your management solution in the most conventional way: On-premises.
With this method, you will have access to a perpetual software usage license.

You can also avoid unpredictable updating costs and high system maintenance costs with the Continuity Software Agreement (CSA). With the CSA, you are guaranteed to always benefit from new technological features and to follow up on legal and tax-related developments in various markets, at a controlled and competitive price.
See demonstration videos and confirm how simple this solution is.

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Put an end to time-consuming processes that benefit no-one.

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WebCentral is a collaborative online platform that lets you digitalise communication processes with staff, partners, customers and the general public.

A variety of ready-to-use web page templates let you quickly create in-house portals, portals for your business partners, suppliers and customers, and public websites. All on a single platform.

Use your in-house portals (intranet) to streamline staff relationships with the organisation, using "Employee Self-Service" tools.

The solution also lets you optimise relationships with business partners, suppliers, customers and potential customers, by facilitating interaction. Thanks to your community portals (extranet), you can dematerialise time-consuming logistics operations that hamper productivity.

And you can use attractive, modern, intuitive public websites to enhance your relationship with the general public.

Manage internal knowledge more efficiently.

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The WebCentral platform encourages staff to play a more active role in the management of their personal details.

On the internal portal, staff can easily use the "Employee Self-Service" feature to access their individual files and update their personal details, book their holiday dates, submit requests to the company, consult and print payslips, issue their annual income statement, and consult the company's organisation chart, absences and overtime hours, as well a variety of other operations.

Additionally, team managers can easily organise projects, assign tasks, manage absences, approve expenses and quickly deal with various other team-management-related processes.

The platform can also be used to manage internal knowledge. Documents, projects, benefits and all kinds of information relevant to staff can easily be shared.

Increase productivity by digitalising logistics processes.

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Automatic integration with other information systems, such as the ERP or the CRM, means that the platform lets you streamline relations with your partners, speed up supplies and optimise customer service quality.

The customer/partner/supplier portal simplifies all your commercial operations. Customers can quickly consult your product/services catalogue online and place their orders. And you can just as easily place orders with suppliers, consult sales statements, accounts pending and other logistics information.

Maximum productivity in the management of Projects and Works.

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Use WebCentral to simplify the management of Projects and Works too.
Thanks to integration with the Logistics, Finance and Human Resources areas of your company, the platform makes it much easier to manage specific projects.

The connection to the CRM system means not only that you can monitor and manage negotiations from the very first contact with potential customers all the way through until the contract is actually signed, but that you can do so from anywhere.

Financial control is ensured from the Accounts area. Integration with Logistics streamlines flows, optimises communications and substantially reduces errors.

And where Human Resources are concerned, integration with the ERP streamlines the management of personnel assigned to a particular Project or Work.

Simple, intuitive tools that boost productivity.

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The tools provided by WebCentral speed up business processes.

You can quickly and intuitively configure integration with various information systems, define processes and incorporate your business logic using the Application Builder tool.

Implementing work flows associated with a particular activity, team, project or process is easy too, thanks to the Workflow Designer.

Filing and organising documents and managing versions are also highly intuitive operations with this solution. The Document Management System tool makes it easier to locate and access documents (depending on user privilege) and manage changes. Similarly, version control and document traceability are straightforward operations.

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