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Concrete results, increasing efficiency.

Optimise the management of your retail chain with a solid solution. Processes are all integrated. The capacity for controlling the business increases. Operations are faster. There is greater overall efficiency. And operating costs drop as a result.

Give your retail network a new dynamic. Sow the seeds of tomorrow’s business today with PRIMAVERA Fashion Retail: 

  • Automate processes, reduce operating costs
  • Cut the costs for maintaining stocks
  • Simplify price management - Streamline customer service
  • Easily control the business at each store
  • Get fast and reliable information for making decisions
  • Easily integrate with an ERP and achieve greater administrative and financial efficiency
Learn how to have access to this solution.

Obtain a perpetual usage licence for the solution.

Access your management solution in the most conventional way: On-premises.
With this method, you will have access to a perpetual software usage license.

You can also avoid unpredictable updating costs and high system maintenance costs with the Continuity Software Agreement (CSA). With the CSA, you are guaranteed to always benefit from new technological features and to follow up on legal and tax-related developments in various markets, at a controlled and competitive price.
Now, your business will be in style!

Easily align your purchasing needs with your sales projections.
Running out of stock becomes a thing of the past. Respond efficiently to peaks in demand.
Control lists of prices and items with ease. Provide your customers with a highly professional shopping experience.

The PRIMAVERA Fashion Retail solution boosts sales. Empower the management of all the stores, maintaining centralised control over the operations in each establishment.

Your business becomes more profitable, thanks to the mechanisms that speed up productivity. And it becomes more efficient too, thanks to the speed of execution and the ease of logistical control.

Boost sales. Keep your customers satisfied. Increase customer loyalty and recommendations. With PRIMAVERA Fashion Retail, your business will definitely be in style.

Supplies at the right time, in the appropriate quantity, with the desired quality.

Streamline your relation with suppliers. Speed up supplies. Be sure that you will always satisfy your customers’ requests on time.

The PRIMAVERA Fashion Retail solution speeds up purchasing operations. The selection of suppliers is simplified. It also streamlines the calculation of needs. Through mechanisms that support orders to suppliers, purchasing needs are automatically identified, according to the requests in the portfolio, the forecasts for demand and other selected parameters.

You easily control additional costs as well. These can be associated with supplier invoices, with immediate reflection on the calculation of the average cost price of each product/item.

You can also quickly access statistics that will allow you to assess the efficiency of the purchases.

Simplify the management of extensive price lists.

With PRIMAVERA Fashion Retail it’s very easy to set up and alter separate price lists, according to the type of item (and family of items), the brand, the collection, the year, the conditions agreed with customers, and the store in question, among other conditions to be considered in setting the prices.

It’s also very easy to activate price lists by store and determine the dates for the start and end of promotional campaigns, discounts, sales and resale. You can also easily define the sales prices for compound items.

Printing bar codes is easy. The solution allows you to print any number of types of labels and create EAN13 codes.

Organising different brands, collections, families, colours and sizes of items is easy!

Have strict control over the various types of items sold in each establishment. With PRIMAVERA Fashion Retail, it’s simple.

Starting from a very intuitive hierarchical structure, you organise items according to criteria such as: brand, collection and year, department (men, women and children), family, reference, colours and sizes.

You can even create compound items to sell as a set. Similarly, you can quickly disassemble the items for individual sale.

Speed and accuracy in cash register operations.

Be sure that your customers will want to return and will recommend your stores. Guarantee first-class performance from all your operators with a solution that speeds up cash register operations.

Operations such as opening/closing the register, cash in/cash out, sales with multiple methods of payment and currencies, returns, exchanges, invoices, credit notes, reservations and other operations are extremely fast and very simple.

When integrated with an ERP, it is possible to automatically carry out the cash register transactions to bank accounts from the POS, with cash flows organised by day and by store.

From the POS you also know immediately if a certain item is available in the store and in the other Group establishments. After this consultation, it is very easy to make and manage requests between stores.

Maximum efficiency in the distribution of stocks by store.

Check on the availability of stocks in real time.

Streamline the movement of items between stores of the same chain, generating automatic transfer orders, and the corresponding monitoring of the movement of quantities.

Simplify the transfer of material between the central warehouse and the stores too. You can further optimise the transfer between Group companies, automating internal invoicing.

Taking inventory is also a simple matter. You can configure the taking of inventory and the control readings for certain dates. It is also possible to take partial or total inventories, with the support of portable reader terminals.

You also get numerous charts and statistics that give you an efficient control of stocks. For example, using the stock rotation chart, you can easily forecast the average time needed to run out of an item.

Invest in a relationship of trust. Convert your customers into fans.

Surprise your customers. Show that you know them well and that you always have the best deals.

Solidify your relationship with your customers with PRIMAVERA Fashion Retail. This solution offers you simple and intuitive tools for managing loyalty cards, giving discount vouchers, gift cheques, reservations with control of down payments, and the sending of personalised communications on a large scale.

It is easy to categorise customers, so that you can easily associate distinct rules with the Customer Files. In this way, groups are created with pre-defined rules for the granting of discount vouchers and the accumulation of points on the customer card.

The solution also provides you with an efficient model for communicating with your customers. Quickly select groups of customers from different stores or companies with the same characteristics, creating mailing lists with personalised communications.

More assertiveness in communication between stores.

Optimise communication. Simplify the control of retail chains – whether they are your own stores or franchises.

Communication between stores is automated, so that you have full control over the information exchanged between the franchise master and the network of franchise stores, or between headquarters and the chain stores. You can also define the brands each store will work with and send them only data related to the specific brands they sell.

The logistical and financial control of the business can be enhanced through the integration of Fashion Retail with an ERP (a central management system). The solution can be integrated with any ERP found on the market. In the case of the PRIMAVERA ERP, integration is built-in, which means the time needed to integrate the two solutions is minimal.

Fashion Retail Standard EditionPrice upon request
  • Standard solution, no extensibility
  • For small shops or chain stores
  • Maximum 3 stores
  • Maximum limit of 7 users
  • Does not include order management between stores
  • Does not include deposits or bank transfers
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our suggestionFashion RetailPrice upon request
  • Adaptable solution to your business needs
  • Ideal for chain stores management
  • Management of an unlimited number of shops
  • Unlimited users
  • Management of orders between stores
  • Management of customer orders
  • Deposits and bank tranfers
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