Fast and good is still an option!


Fast and good is still an option!

Discover the POS that guarantees excellent service in the restaurant sector.

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Set yourself apart from the competition. Offer a service that is truly different and of the highest quality.

Top quality service is essential in the restaurant sector. Your investment in product quality, comfortable seating and a refined atmosphere will be pointless if it is not accompanied by exemplary service.

Be a benchmark in the Food and Beverage sector with the help of Pssst!TM. With this solution, you ensure: 

  • The fast and intuitive management of orders
  • Flexibility in setting prices
  • Rigorous management of the cash register
  • The efficiency of your stocks
  • Streamlined management of loyalty cards and campaigns
  • The monitoring of employee attendance
  • Digital interaction with customers
  • Speedy compliance with all tax and legal requirements
  • Information that supports you in managing your business
Learn how to have access to this solution.

Choose this model and reduce your initial investment.

This solution is available for installation by means of a subscription. This means that when subscribing to the product you will have access to a temporary usage license (biannual, annual or two-year).

The subscription includes access to the software, as well as all updates and maintenance work, during the chosen access period. To access the solution, simply subscribe through our partnership network.

Ensure maximum efficiency in customer service.

Do you want to guarantee your place in the route of establishments that are a "must" for visitors?
Has it occurred to you that the solution might lie in your POS?

Your know-how, expertise and knowledge of the sector are vital. But all your drive, energy and investment need support from management tools that bring out the maximum potential of your business.

Make your business more dynamic with Pssst!TM. Give your results a huge boost with this innovative POS (point of sale) solution:

  • Managing stock is easy
  • Monitoring orders and tables is really fast
  • Doing transactions on the cash register is intuitive
  • Implementing customer loyalty campaigns is a snap
  • Interacting with the customer is a unique experience
  • Complying with legal and tax obligations is easy
Cut costs. Get the maximum efficiency from managing stocks.

Managing incoming and outgoing stock movements is easy with this solution.
You can easily configure alerts to restock when minimum levels are reached. This way, you are always sure that you can satisfy your customers' orders on time.

You also gain greater efficiency in the management of items and lots. Quickly create and alter items and families of items, automatically generating the corresponding bar codes.

Pssst! also facilitates taking inventory. In a very simple manner, you know exactly what items you still have in the storeroom. You are also given the inventory based on the value of the stock – ACP (Average Cost Price) or UCP (Unit Cost Price).

Flexible and streamlined price management.

Managing prices is a complex matter in the restaurant sector. They can vary according to the day of the week, the time of day, where the products are consumed, the menus, associated products, minimum charges and any number of other factors.

Simplify price management to the maximum with Pssst!TM. The solution has a dynamic menu system that facilitates the management of values that vary according to the ingredients, and the static and dynamic composition of items; the definition of prices by room, by customer, by hour (happy hours) or by day of the week, discounts and promotions.

Streamline the management of consumption cards, too. The solution simplifies the management of minimum and maximum consumption, the blocking of lost cards, the management of rechargeable pre-paid cards, the automatic registration of tares and a range of other mechanisms that simplify price management.

Give your customers fast, high-quality service.

Operations are very fast and simple with Pssst!TM.
There’s no need to train operators, because they intuitively and quickly perform all the operations on the POS.

Speed is ensured by a tactile work environment that can be fully personalised by the user. In other words, the work space can be configured to highlight the most common operations, in order to speed up service. Other features include a quick product-search, buttons for quick print and document conversion, connections to check-out scales and queue management.

Simplify the management of orders, the reservation of tables and the seating capacity of rooms. Get table checks quickly. Control the transfer of products between tables.

Increase the speed of response times. Access the POS from a tablet and give operators everything they need to provide customers with a fast and efficient waiting service.

Monitor cash register operations easily.

Manage cash registers with the maximum rigour.
With Pssst!TM it is very easy to monitor the opening/closing of the register, as well as cash in and cash out.

The management of the Float is more strictly controlled. You also monitor sales very closely, through the cash flow statements. Assess cash flows with monthly, daily or even hourly reports.

Simplify shift management and the monitoring of payments received. The use of multiple payment methods (cash, cheque, credit card, debit cards and others), and the possibility of receiving payments by various methods simultaneously, streamlines cash register operations.

Partial or multiple payments are simple, thanks to an integrated financial calculator with immediate printout. There is also precise control over the current accounts of suppliers and customers.

The solution simplifies the issuing of bills of lading/delivery notes and subsequent conversion into invoices.
Turn your customers into fans.

Enhance your relationship with your customers. It’s easy to implement measures that promote customer loyalty.

With Pssst!TM, managing customer cards is very straightforward. Thanks to a system of discounts and points per customer, product or purchase, and immediate access (at the time of sale) to contextual information on the customer, or quick access to their account (with the possibility of credit sales), you can provide an excellent level of service that charms customers and earns their loyalty.

Boost your results through the appealing presentation of other products or services. This solution offers you the possibility of inserting various lines of advertising on the customer visor.
Know your business in detail. Decide with confidence.

Get maximum efficiency in managing your cash register. Have detailed control over your stock inventory. Optimise orders to suppliers. Simplify personnel management.

Pssst!TM ensures that you have a high level of management control over your business. In a single application that’s simple and easy to use, you monitor the attendance of employees through reports listing the respective records of when they arrive at work and when they leave.

Analyse the current accounts of customers and suppliers. Consult statistics on sales figures and the corresponding VAT, the cost of the products, the actual margins and other data that help you make decisions. With the information provided, you don’t need advanced training in management to successfully run your business.

When this solution is integrated with the PRIMAVERA ERP, you have a more thorough control over your business in terms of logistics and cash flow management.
Offer consumers innovation. Win the consumers’ preference.

Be innovative in your communications with your customers.
Provide customers with a truly fascinating interactive experience.
Give them the opportunity to place their own orders using mobile devices.

Discover the self-order service that is revolutionising the restaurant sector.
With Pssst! ExperienceTM, you streamline communication between customers and your establishment.. This application, which integrates with Pssst!TM, lets you use mobile devices to provide a service that truly stands out from the crowd.

Make the most of a privileged channel of communication with your customers. Replace the traditional printed menus with digital menus available on tablets. Let your customers be independent, as they select their order and send it directly to the kitchen, without the need for anyone to intervene. They can use the Digital Menu at your establishment or order from any smartphone.

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  • Exclusive POS Management
  • Limited to 1 post and 2 users
  • Includes legal and tax updates
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  • Integrates with ERP and mobile solutions
  • No limitation of the nr. of posts and users
  • Annual subscription depending on the nr. of users
  • Includes legal and tax updates
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