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“We haven't left a single customer behind”

PRIMAVERA grows 5% in the Portuguese market, standing out for its strong customer support policy. Increased demand for cloud solutions led to the strengthening of the share in the national market in 2020.

In a year marked by uncertainties and new challenges caused by the pandemic, PRIMAVERA managed to maintain its consolidated turnover at 30 million euros, a figure slightly above (2.2%) that recorded in 2019, a year in which it saw growth record of 20%.

With a history of growth in the order of double digits, these global results were due to the very negative situation resulting from the pandemic crisis of 2020. In an extremely challenging year, PRIMAVERA administrators highlight the effort of the internal and external teams as the main decisive factor. of its network of partners in the search for solutions to support thousands of customers to overcome technological and financial challenges.

"It was a year marked by uncertainty, which is probably the variable that most challenges the management of companies. We managed, alongside our Partners and under the maxim - We will not leave any customer behind - to be creative enough and fight for the achievement of our goals. goals month after month We are immensely grateful to our Partners and our team for the way they believed and overcame much of the difficulties ”, says José Dionísio, one of the co-CEO.

On the other hand, Jorge Batista, also co-CEO of the company, highlights the ability to monitor the high dynamics of tax news, in order to guarantee customers the continuous and timely monitoring of tax developments. "It was an intense year of responding to legal changes imposed by the legislator, and especially those that were linked to the various regulations on lay-off legislation. In addition to these updates, the team worked intensively on the development of new offers, having been tireless. With all its setbacks, 2020 proved to us that we really have the best team ”, concludes the administrator.

In Portugal, despite all the difficulties resulting from the mandatory confinement and the resulting economic crisis, the operation grew by 5% compared to the same period last year. This growth was based on the conquest of market share in the segment of medium and large companies, which accelerated the journey of digital transformation of their business processes; the increase in demand for cloud solutions, which continues to register strong growth (38%); and by the growth in the segment of micro and small companies, where JASMIN, the intelligent software for management and online invoicing, maintained an accelerated growth rate (40%).

For 2021, the technology has an optimistic outlook, aiming to return to the path of double-digit growth. To this end, it will present new cloud offers to the market, meeting market trends that point to an increase in demand for cloud native solutions.