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PRIMAVERA Begins a New Era in Business Management with the Launch of Version 9

New version transforms ERP into an innovative networking tool - Cost-free access to the largest worldwide business information network empowers connectivity and data sharing

PRIMAVERA BSS, a multinational company specializing in the development of management solutions for the global market, has just announced the launch of version 9 of its business management software - a version focused on the new paradigm of connectivity and which promotes efficiency by simultaneously simplifying and accelerating operations. The ERP PRIMAVERA v9 is a hybrid management system prepared for all usage scenarios: it connects to mobile applications, integrates data from the Cloud and shares business with thousands of companies on a platform of global proportions.

"Solutions which are rigid, closed, restricted to the desktop and which have compartmentalized functions are no longer compatible with the current pace of business”, saysJosé Dionísio, Co-CEO of PRIMAVERA BSS. "The current rhythm of business demands a management system that is increasingly interactive, dynamic and intelligent, which adapts to market evolution and to the changes brought about by that evolution to the modus operandi of companies”.

The major revelation of version 9 of ERP PRIMAVERA is connectivity. This connectivity results in the connection to data made available by Cloud-based repositories and services, in the distribution of critical business information to people in mobility through mobile devices, as well as in the access to an innovative network of contacts with an enormous potential for networking. The key to this new world is the hybrid technology that brings together the advantages of On-premises solutions and the potential of Cloud solutions.

Cost-free access to the largest worldwide business information network – the Informa D&B database

With version 9, PRIMAVERA enables (cost-free) access to the Informa D&B database, including daily updates, thereby substantially reducing companies’ administrative work through access to the contact and status data (active, insolvent, etc.) of every company in Portugal. With this integration, you need only enter the Taxpayer Number and the system will automatically fill in all the forms pertaining to clients, suppliers and other entities, freeing internal resources for other operations of greater added value.

"ERP PRIMAVERA v9 is the answer to the demands of the new company that is open to the world and focused on its users”, adds the Co-CEO of PRIMAVERA BSS. "Connecting people in different contexts of activity to information that often lies outside the company, is fundamentally important nowadays”.

New business opportunities with ERP PRIMAVERA v9

With version 9, it will be possible to update contact information and access a data-sharing service, thereby guaranteeing that all entities have their contact information permanently updated.

This service, integrated with ERP, enables the sharing of contact information pertaining to companies, clients, suppliers and others that, through prior agreement, become available on that networking platform which is managed and authenticated by PRIMAVERA. Integration within this contact network provides truly unprecedented business potential.

In addition to the possibility of accessing the contact information of the companies integrating the network, in a second phase ERP will evolve into a marketplace where it will be possible to promote products and services.

An increasingly functional solution that promotes efficiency and productivity

The new version of ERP PRIMAVERA enables access to the company’s solutions and services in the Cloud, without leaving the work environment. PRIMAVERA’s Cloud-based products encompass mobility solutions, information on the financial rating of various entities and electronic payments. By subscribing to these products, the information automatically integrates with the ERP.

Furthermore, a unique technology based on management panels makes ERP PRIMAVERA v9 a true technological assistant, interpreting the user’s needs and providing correct information at the right time. The panels help the activities that the user may be developing in one of the application’s windows (editor, table, maintenance, exploring) with complementary and contextualized information.

ERP PRIMAVERA’s version 9 also includes an array of improvements and new features which will speed up and streamline the management of operations related to sales processes, inventories, billing, payment orders, settlements, collection, among others.

For example, the Sales module will be enhanced by a feature that enables the establishment of billing plans associated to contracts or entities. The new Requirements Forecast feature will automatically calculate the company’s requirements according to available stocks and orders signed up. Automatic posting to the accounts department from the bank statement will also become an immediate process, as well as the liquidation of outstanding sums at the same time that they are posted to the accounts department.

New Contract Management and Technical Services modules make business management more simple and intuitive

To conclude, ERP PRIMAVERA version 9 integrates two other new models: Contract Management and technical Services. With the former, PRIMAVERA aims to facilitate the management process pertaining to purchasing, sales and after-sales contracts by streamlining the entire contract cycle, including the negotiating process, control of contractual warranties, clauses, management of contract validity periods and compliance with contract rules, renewal/renegotiation and archiving.

The Technical Services Module enables the technical teams’ agenda to be coordinated with the requests for intervention in a simple and intuitive manner, whether the work is performed by in-house or outsourced teams. A graph-based intervention plan automatically distributes the requests for assistance among the technicians according to their qualifications, agenda, routes, contractual obligations or other criteria whose value you wish to enhance.