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Connectivity has reached management software!

Now you can increase productivity and monitor the speed of business from your management software.

Until today never has a central management system played such an active role in value creation. Now you can increase productivity and monitor the speed of business from your management software.
Expand your business using a system that speeds up operations and creates opportunities through cloud. Drive forward productivity. Increase profitability using innovative technology which provides you with access to the right information, just at the right time. 
Get rid of the administrative costs with the v9 of PRIMAVERA products. Using this business accelerator you will be ready to monitor the market dynamic, today and in the future.

Stop creating Customer and Supplier data sheets.

Access, cost-free, the largest business information network in the world. With version 9 of ERP PRIMAVERA you automatically integrate with the Informa D&B data base. In this way, you can be sure that the data of the entities you work with are always up-to-date as the records and status (active, insolvent etc.) of Portuguese companies are automatically updated every day.  

Increase productivity. By means of this integration operations are quicker – just fill in the NIF (taxpayer no.) and the system automatically completes the data sheets of customers, suppliers and other entities. You will also have the opportunity to update your contact data, thereby ensuring that all the entities with which you have dealings always have your data up-to-date.

Always be where business happens!

Boost your business worldwide. Using v9 access a networking system in which business opportunities always emerge spontaneously. By signing up to this platform you will be able to publicise your products and services to a target endowed with huge potential. 
Using v9 you can win over new customers without paying a penny. By integrating this business platform, at ERP you will receive an alert whenever any network entity is looking for a product or service that fits in with your offer. The business arises spontaneously and no costs are incurred when winning over new customers*. 

Get rid of operations that impede productivity.
Drive productivity forward with a solution that brings together the Cloud and On-premises environments. The v9 hybrid technological platform is a productivity engine – by entering ERP you are connected to a Web platform at which the information that was in the Cloud now integrates ERP itself. 

Without leaving the working environment, access services immediately such as electronic billing, risk information or any other complementary services. The information you need to complete the operations is always to hand. In this way, the processes are quicker and the information is more secure.

Speed up administrative processes.

Now you don't need to waste any time looking for information to complete simple operations. Using the interactive technology of Information Panels, the solution interprets your needs and automatically makes available data related with the context of the operations that are being carried out. 

For example, if you are working on a quote, the system automatically displays a panel with the turnover for this customer, the trading terms and the billing history or other information deemed relevant.

 *Coming soon.