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Enjoy the full potential of the PRIMAVERA Express. In the user Manual is a detailed description of product features and mode of operation. We provide you with a document containing FAQs, where you can quickly clear up any doubts.

If you need technical support, you can use the service provided by more than 500 Partners PRIMAVERA. You can also request the support of the PRIMAVERA, through registration in PRIMAVERA Express support services. Choose the mode that best fits the needs of your company:

Purchase a support incident – 7.371 AKZ (+ VAT)
Acquisition of five support incidents – 27.641 AKZ (+ VAT)
Acquisition support service of ten incidents – 46.069 AKZ (+ VAT)

To access the technical support of the PRIMAVERA shall register in the form below. Then you will receive your login information email with which you can subscribe to the service. Once the payment (bank transfer), will have access to the means for placing of your incident.