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Are you able to retain potential customers even when they are not yet ready to buy?

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Support your commercial and marketing strategies with the right technology.

Do you know how many deals you have lost because your commercial team could not respond effectively?
Do you know how many contact requests have not been properly answered?
Do you know how many leads have been lost because they were never logged or followed up?

It doesn't matter how good your marketing strategies are; if they don't have the right support, you will definitely not get the hoped-for results. With efficient management of commercial information, situations such as these will be a thing of the past! Channel all the data that you have on your customers and potential customers into winning over customers and ensuring their loyalty. CRM PRIMAVERA will help you improve the efficiency of your commercial and marketing strategy for the following reasons:

  • You can access the solution quickly, with no need for installation, implementation or configuration 
  • Plan actions or activities at any time of day and wherever you happen to be
  • Optimise the management of commercial information with technology that brings together knowledge and human capital in order to create value
  • Cut the cost and effort needed to win over customers and secure their loyalty
  • Enhance the dynamics and performance of your commercial teams
  • Boost the results of sales efforts through the structuring and automation that are fundamental in fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Support the execution of sales, marketing and customer service strategies
  • Boost efficiency throughout the entire sales cycle
  • Get a repository of commercial and marketing interactions, focused on the streamlining and control of processes. 
Find out about the different ways to access this solution.


Benefit from the freedom of being able to access the office from anywhere.

Based on an innovative platform, developed from scratch for the Internet, this solution is available on PRIMAVERA's Cloud, a solid infrastructure that guarantees maximum security and permanent availability. 
There is no need to install the software. You will receive instructions on how to access the solution when you subscribe (either through the PRIMAVERA website or the partner network). Then all you need is a device with an Internet connection and you can start using it immediately.

Your subscription to this service includes the software, maintenance and continuous updates.
Fast organisation. Effective closure.

When highly-skilled human resources join forces with the right technology, the result can only be good. CRM PRIMAVERA enhances all your sales expertise by automating processes that ensure you close as many deals as possible.

Focus your efforts on winning deals that you have a real possibility of closing, without neglecting those that need to be encouraged. With CRM PRIMAVERA, you get integrated management of information about the various entities, from the moment they are logged in contacts, to the management of commercial activities and respective task management, all the way through to the confirmation of leads and effective closure of deals. And all this comes with an associated gaming component.

Have you ever thought of throwing down the gauntlet to your commercial team, as though it were a game?
Now you can! With CRM PRIMAVERA, channel your team's competitive spirit and create value fast. You can set your commercial team challenges at any time and from anywhere, with the goal being to achieve a certain turnover, close "x" sales opportunities or finalise a certain number of orders.

Discover dynamic sales. We have converted the social and competitive component of games into a leverage tool for your business. Are you really going to sit on the sidelines?
Centralise information and get fast access to the details that matter.

In order to be able to focus your efforts on sales, it is important that information about customers, potential customers and other entities is always available and organised. But you don't want to have to spend too much time and effort organising it.

Speed up administrative tasks while simultaneously organising your information in a straightforward and intuitive manner. CRM PRIMAVERA's centralised information management model makes it easy to organise the information you have on file about the entities you work with. 

Consequently, you can quickly input and view information wherever you are; all you need is Internet access. Similarly, you can quickly convert a potential customer into an actual customer simply by activating them as such, avoiding the need to fill in Customer Forms.
The efficient organisation of business contacts is key for profitability.

Organising your contacts may seem like an insignificant task but if there is no logical structure the cumulative loss of efficiency over time could be very considerable.

Boost your results, from the tiniest detail all the way through to the finalisation of a proposal. Get simple, practical and efficient management of the contact details of the entities you work with. Easily add extra professional and personal details so that you can be well-acquainted with each entity. Associate leads and sales opportunities with each contact so that you can manage the sales cycles in the most appropriate way for each business deal and with the necessary proximity. And you can also add automatic alerts to your contacts so that no important dates are forgotten. 

Forge stronger bonds of trust with your customers through contact management which is geared towards attracting customers and securing their loyalty, letting you quickly access the right information about the right person at the right time. This assertiveness will ensure you have the necessary speed and precision to close more deals.
More assertive commercial activities.

Random actions and sporadic activities do not close deals. If you want to win over customers you must have a consistent and structured plan, organised on the basis of your past relationship with each entity, the potential of every deal, the stage of the purchase cycle at which the deal currently stands, and the marketing and sales strategies being used.

Expand your business portfolio with CRM PRIMAVERA. For future interactions to leverage more business, you need to be aware of your past relationship with existing and potential customers. Communicate value at the right time, at the precise moment when your customers are at their most receptive. Planning your activities ensures timely interaction, with no potential opportunities being lost.

You can easily log activities associated with contacts, entities, leads or sales opportunities, whether it is scheduling a meeting, sending an e-mail, a message of congratulations or a simple reminder. With this support, any action will always take place at the right time. 

You will also be able to keep track of how far along in the negotiation process each proposal is, and monitor logged activities, pendings, closed activities and other data about the performance tasks. 
Maintain the interest of potential customers who are not quite ready to buy.

When adequately monitored, a chat over coffee, a news item you have heard, an idea that has arisen or any other clue could be the start of a good business deal.

Explore every potential business opportunity to the full, without leaving room for the competition. CRM PRIMAVERA provides you with streamlined tools to log and manage leads. The mechanisms provided give you the flexibility you need to be able to put together an action plan for every lead, monitor progress and feed the various stages of the sales cycle until the moment when a genuine opportunity presents itself. 

No prospective deal, perception or even hunch goes unanswered or unmonitored. Consequently, you can explore every opportunity and foster a bond with the potential customer. Additionally, the leads management tool allows you to make the distinction between what is genuinely a potential deal and what is still merely a prospect. This means your commercial team can focus on genuine sales opportunities, with the guarantee that the leads will continue to be worked on, in line with normal procedures and the speed at which customers are won over.
Streamline your sales cycles with a view to finalising as many deals as possible.

Are you dedicating time and commercial effort to opportunities that turn out to be dead ends?

Keep your commercial team focused on deals that they have a real chance of closing.

CRM PRIMAVERA helps you distinguish between leads and sales opportunities without neglecting any of them. Once confirmed, a lead progresses into a genuine sales opportunity. This is where your commercial department centralises its action – the potential customer has already expressed a need; they are already acquainted with your solution to the problem and have demonstrated interest in that solution. 

This is where your commercial team wants to be. And this solution provides the help they need. It organises the information in such a way as to feed a sales funnel with genuine opportunities and speed up the creation and management of business proposals. Invest as much effort as you can to win in the home straight. This is where deals are made. And CRM PRIMAVERA will help you do it.
Let your commercial team's competitive spirit loose.

Would you like to boost your sales figures?

Throw down the gauntlet to your team as if it were a game! This will help stir the competitive spirit in each of your team members, making their job more stimulating and their efforts to achieve their goals profitable, transparent and enjoyable. 

CRM PRIMAVERA brings the social dynamics of play to business, fostering a robust commercial dynamic. The ease with which the solution can be accessed complements the spirit of gaming. Irrespective of place or time, the commercial manager can set the team new challenges such as a business goal to be achieved, the number of orders to be logged, the number of SOp to be finalised, etc. The commercial team will immediately be informed that the challenge is underway and will begin working towards achieving points and improving their positions on the ranking.

Put your commercial team to the test. The commercial spirit loves challenges. And everyone wins: commercial activities become more appealing and results improve.
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