Efficiency in Asset Management.

Enterprise Asset Managment

Efficiency in Asset Management.

Greater operability. Lower maintenance costs. A fast return on your investment.

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Get the highest return on your investment.

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The maintenance of your assets and installations has a direct and immediate impact on your company’s results. Try PRIMAVERA EAM and enjoy the advantages of:

  • Easy control of maintenance costs
  • Strict compliance with international maintenance standards
  • Access to the solution no matter where you are
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • With no installation or maintenance required
  • Automatic updates
  • Simplicity in the planning, execution and control
  • Fast response to requests for intervention
  • Real-time consultation of the status of interventions
  • Maximum productivity of the technical teams
  • Higher asset operability index
  • Extended useful lifetime of each asset
  • Information for support to strategic decision-making
Learn how to have access to this solution.

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The freedom to access the office from any location.

Based on an innovative platform developed from scratch for the internet, this solution is available on PRIMAVERA’s Cloud, a solid infrastructure that affords you maximum security and permanent availability.

You do not need to install the software. When you subscribe to this solution (through the PRIMAVERA portal or the partner network) you will receive the access information, after which all you need is an internet-connected device in order to use it.

Subscription to this service includes the software and its continuous maintenance and updates.
Discover the profitability hidden behind the maintenance processes.

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The quality of your products and services and the overall performance of your organisation depend heavily on the operational capacity of your assets. You’ve made a big investment, and you need the maximum protection to see a return on it.

By using PRIMAVERA EAM, you ensure the operability of your assets so that you get a fast return on your investment. Operations are simple. They can be completed quickly. And with efficient results.

We boost productivity throughout the entire maintenance process, beginning with the planning and control of preventative and corrective measures (and appropriate coordination with the technical team), inspections, lubrication and tests. The solution manages incidents and breakdowns, with control over spare parts, consumables, tools and stocks, and even cost control.

All this with great flexibility because you can access the solution anywhere, in a practical and safe way.
Simplify the administrative management of maintenance.

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A simple architecture means you can organise your assets intuitively. A number of mechanisms used to support planning help you plan, schedule and assign work orders to in-house or outsourced technical teams.

Streamline your operations: from opening a ticket with the characterisation and location of the assets requiring maintenance, followed by the planning, programming and scheduling of the preventative maintenance interventions, to the monitoring of the status of the interventions.

Do away with time-consuming processes. PRIMAVERA EAM makes the administrative management of maintenance simple, fast and efficient.

Smooth liaison between Work Orders and the availability of technical teams.

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With PRIMAVERA EAM, increasing your productivity is easy.

All the information needed to manage maintenance is integrated, speeding up operations. Liaison between all the resources needed for interventions is a very simple matter: connect the in-house or outsourced technical teams with the means they need (consumables, spare parts, protective equipment, etc.).

You can even monitor the technical teams’ progress in detail and keep abreast of the status of the Work Orders in real time. The technicians use mobile devices to update work status data, the costs involved, the man-hours spent, the materials used and any the status of work orders.

Information is recorded in an instant and immediately integrates with the back office. Do away with time-consuming administrative tasks. And increase your control capability at the same time.

Breakdown and Incident logs can be accessed wherever you happen to be.

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Get things back to normal fast. No losses, no damages. PRIMAVERA EAM means that any employee with access to the solution can report incidents and breakdowns and request intervention no matter where they are.

Get all the employees involved in promoting operability. Requests are easily registered in order to assess and quickly streamline interventions.

It’s easy to check the history of breakdowns, their causes and consequences, actions taken, the means involved, the downtimes and the related costs.

Be assured of having available stock through integrated inventory management.

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Simplify the management of spare parts, consumables, tools, protective equipment and other materials needed for interventions.

The solution’s automated features allow you to control the stock entering and leaving your warehouse, the value of the items in stock and the physical stock check.

Do away with the time-consuming manual operations of stock management. Now you can speed up operations and improve your control over consumption.

Easily identify the maintenance costs for each asset.

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How much does each asset actually contribute to your company's results?
What is the profitability index for each asset?
What are the maintenance costs for each asset?

When talking about the strategic management of maintenance, the answers to these questions are crucial. PRIMAVERA EAM has a detailed cost structure that gives you a breakdown of the costs of each intervention: the expenses for labour, travel, materials, meal and expense allowances, and other expenses allocated to the work orders.

Achieve greater cost efficiency. This solution allows you to easily access the data that will help you assess the impact of the maintenance costs and make the best decisions on investing or divesting.

Achieve greater cost efficiency, even in scenarios with multiple locations.
The values can be entered in various currencies. After the exchange is automatically made to the base currency and the reporting currency after the update of the exchange rate.

Thus, improve 
costs control  and ensure rapid and more efficient reporting. Decision-making is more assertive, thanks to consistent management information provided by the solution.

Access the performance indicators that will help you assess the return on each asset.

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Ensure the quality of your maintenance processes. Meet the international standards for your business activity with the support of PRIMAVERA EAM. The solution supports a range of good practices and international standards. These include: maintenance terminology, the drafting of work contracts, performance indicators, and occupational safety management systems.

The management information provided by the system allows you to assess, with a high degree of precision, the availability of your assets over time

You also have at your disposal profitability indicators, the periods of operability, the actual maintenance costs, plus other analyses that aid you in the strategic management of maintenance.

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  • Asset Management
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Unlimited Requesters
  • Work Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Audit Log
  • Valuekeep Mobile
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  • Includes STAR
  • Multi-Asset work orders and rounds
  • Preventive Mainteance
  • Incident Management
  • Contract Management
  • Report Designer
  • Dashboard Designer
  • Valuekeep Mobile
Price upon request
  • Includes GALAXY
  • Safety Programs
  • Condition Based Maintenance
  • Planned Outages
  • Multi-Organization
  • Custom Entities
  • Custom Edits
  • Custom Integrations (WebAPI)
  • Valuekeep Mobile
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