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Greater rigour and assertiveness in the storage and distribution of goods

Meeting the exact delivery times for an order, with quality and precision, is a constant concern that you are undoubtedly familiar with. Guaranteeing a fast and high quality response can be a complicated affair! Especially when there are so many variables involved. 

Has it occurred to you that the solution could lie in the WMS (Warehouse Management Solution) and the DMS (Distribution Management Solution)?

Say goodbye to your problems with organising and managing warehouse space. Put an end to mistakes in order management. Optimise delivery planning. Boost profitability.

With Eye Peak, the results are guaranteed:

Optimisation of available warehouse space
Lower storage costs
Efficient distribution of goods and delivery management
Fast response to customer requests
Simple integration with any management system
Profitability of resources and your investment
Get maximum profitability from every process.

Operational efficiency is a determining factor for the profitability of companies' logistics operations – whether from the point of view of organising and planning storage, or in terms of distributing goods and tracking their delivery status.

Ensure your logistics processes are rigorous, fast and assertive with Eye Peak solutions. Give your business all the necessary conditions to maximise results:

Simple, intuitive interface enables fast adaptation
Extensibility allows integration with any management system
Streamlined mechanisms automate crucial operations 
Structured information increases efficiency
Organisation and planning tools boost productivity
Track and trace tools mean you can easily monitor the status of every order
Optimisation of resources enhances results
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Get a perpetual usage licence. Access your warehouse and logistics network management system in the most conventional manner: On-premises. 
Speed up processes with integrated overall warehouse management.

Give your customers a guarantee that you are a totally reliable supplier. Set the standards every time, ensuring correct deliveries – the exact amount and the desired quality at the agreed time, and with much higher-than-average service quality.

With Eye Peak, not only will you boost customer confidence, you will also enhance the results of your business. Very simple and practical Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS) and Distribution Management Solutions (DMS) simplify warehouse management and ensure greater efficiency in the distribution of goods. 

Get integrated management of all your processes. Boost productivity, the transparency of your processes and the overall profitability of your business.

Simplify operations with fast picking lists
Streamline the creation of various storage formats (pallets, boxes, etc.)
Optimise delivery management
Track the progress of every order with track and trace
Cut operating costs

Organisation and planning that translate into productivity

Ensure your teams are more productive and in tune with your organisation's goals. Give your staff the tools they need to be able to carry out their tasks quickly, efficiently and to a high standard of quality.

With Eye Peak you can easily input picking orders and quickly send them to your operators' terminals. As a result, your team knows exactly where to find the goods to be dispatched, the exact quantities, the relevant batches, the corresponding serial numbers, etc.

Eye Peak's WMS solution is universal, which means it can easily be operated on any handheld terminal, label printer or other technological device.

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