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Modernise your service. Now it's much easier to standardise processes. And operations can be carried out faster, while still maintaining the rigour of your data. All of which means greater efficiency and transparency in information management.

Make sure you provide a first-class service. Offer citizens high-quality public service, while simultaneously ensuring cohesive and rigorous financial management. PRIMAVERA Public Sector is the ideal solution for the management of public bodies, thanks to characteristics such as: 

  • Elimination of the administrative load, thanks to automated processes
  • Rigour and efficiency of operations, thanks to workflows that are tailor-made to address the needs of each body
  • Straightforward tax reporting under the POCP and Sectoral Plans, as well as the SNC
  • Integration of all management areas in a central core
  • Adaptation to the specific needs of each body and each service
  • Support tools for decision-making
Learn how to have access to this solution.

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Obtain a perpetual usage licence for the solution.

Access your management solution in the most conventional way: On-premises.
With this method, you will have access to a perpetual software usage license.

You can also avoid unpredictable updating costs and high system maintenance costs with the Continuity Software Agreement (CSA). With the CSA, you are guaranteed to always benefit from new technological features and to follow up on legal and tax-related developments in various markets, at a controlled and competitive price.
A more efficient service for citizens. Maximum administrative and financial rigour.

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Achieve high levels of productivity. Be competitive. Handle processes quickly. Ensure budget sustainability. Render accounts with absolute precision. Guarantee an excellent service. All of this can be done easily with the PRIMAVERA Public Sector solution.

From this central management core, you can control every administrative and financial process: supplies and internal requisitions; inventory management; government property register; the Public Procurement Code; budget management in the light of expenditure and income; control over undertakings by available funds; information provided to various public bodies; electronic accounting for the Court of Auditors; management of human capital; and financial reporting.

Modernise your service with a solid, secure and proven technological solution. Hundreds of public bodies use this solution on a daily basis to optimise their processes. Operations are faster. The information is more reliable. There is no margin for error and no loss of efficiency.

Fast processes. Tax regulations and legal requirements are fully covered.

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Simplify administrative management. Consolidate financial management.
PRIMAVERA's Public Sector solution ensures sound management through a financial centre from which you have full control over your body's activity.

Ensure sustainability by means of rigorous management of financial liabilities and resources.

The solution's mechanisms foster comprehensive financial control: budgeting and respective amendments, execution and control; payments made and received; control of twelfths; approvals; undertakings; management of funding sources; and consolidation and rendering of accounts.

It also speeds up the response to all legal and tax requirements. This solution simplifies the management and submission of the various official models, charts and statements in force on a variety of markets
Simplicity in the management of labour relations.

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Are you still spending time and resources on lengthy personnel management operations?

Do away with processes that hinder productivity!

Speed up staff-related management processes, irrespective of whether the employees are on official government contracts or have individual employment contracts. PRIMAVERA's Public Sector solution simplifies the management of agreements, careers, remunerations, contributions, family allowances, training, SHST (Occupational Health, Hygiene and Safety), SIOE (the government's organisational information system), Balanço Social (official human resources report), Single Report, and other procedures inherent to public administration.

Increase productivity. Processes are automatic. Powerful financial calculators automatically do the calculations in accordance with the salary table, holidays and allowances (in twelfths or in total), salary tiers, reductions in remuneration, absenteeism and other monthly changes that need to be taken into account.

Simplify the filling in and issuing of all compulsory official charts too. And streamline communication with all the stakeholders through a platform for the creation and management of simple and intuitive portals.

Maximum efficiency in the management of consumption.

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Managing supplies for public bodies can be a complicated affair.

Public procurement processes are subject to a series of formalities and legal requirements that can be time-consuming.

Simplify the management of supplies and control of public procurement agreements with PRIMAVERA Public Sector. This solution offers rigorous mechanisms for the approval of expenses that increase control over requisition processes. Supply procedures are more transparent and abide by your organisation's rules.

Speed up administrative procedures. Purchasing procedures are automatically integrated in the public procurement platform, eliminating unnecessary administrative loads.

And streamline the sending and receipt of commercial and financial documents too, with the electronic transaction facility. The e-Transactions solution speeds up processes, cuts operating costs and stores your documents securely in a digital archive, in accordance with Article 52/4 of the VAT Code.

Asset management made easy.

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Streamline asset management. Asset-related accounting, tax and legal operations need not be time-consuming or complex.

Simplify your asset management in accordance with IFRS accounting rules, the CIBE (Register and Inventory of Government-owned Goods), the CIME (Register and Inventory of Government-owned Vehicles) and the CIIDE (Register and Inventory of Government-owned Property and Rights).

With PRIMAVERA Public Sector, speed up the issuing of all the depreciation charts required by law, the processing of amortisations in period 13, revaluations, tax gains and losses, autonomous taxation, financial leasing, impairment processing and all of the other operations relating to your organisation's tangible and intangible fixed assets.

Optimise decision-making too. Quickly access a series of analyses and charts that let you assess the level of investment and divestiture of every asset, revaluations, maintenance costs and a range of statistical data that ensure you get the most from the investment.

And watch over the durability and operational capacity of your assets with support from a solution that makes maintenance processes as simple as they can be.

Get rigorous and transparent budget control.

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Don't let important information get lost. Get full financial control over your organisation.
With PRIMAVERA's Public Sector solution, all the information that is relevant for accounting purposes is processed centrally, providing you with detailed knowledge of the costs associated with every operation, project or body.

The division of funds by cost centre, control over budget versions, execution charts and budgetary control in accordance with the POCP rules and respective Sectoral Plans, as well as the SNC; control tools; mechanisms for the financial control of projects; and consolidation of accounts and economic/financial statements are just a few examples of the automatic processes that will provide you with a high level of financial control over your organisation.

Guarantee sustainability. With this solution, all your financial information is processed in a central management core, making operations more transparent, efficient and rigorous.

Streamline the rendering of accounts. Get sound financial reports fast.

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Make the reporting process as fast as it can be. Ensure the rigour and assertiveness of the information. Fast reporting and the consolidation of accounting information are key aspects of PRIMAVERA's Public Sector solution.

Consolidate economic/financial statements from the perspective of fulfilling legal requirements and tax regulations, and from the point of view of management analysis.

You no longer need to spend hours preparing a report. This solution can be integrated with PRIMAVERA Office Extensions, an application that gives you fast access to dozens of economic/financial charts, making the reporting process much more dynamic.

Consolidate decision-making too, with Business Intelligence tools. Get fast access to a series of dashboards with disruptive analyses that will let you make better decisions, always informed by fundamental, real data.

Centralise your information. Get an overall perspective of the entire organisation.

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Ensure the service rendered is as good as it can possibly be.
However complex your body's sector of activity, we guarantee simplified processes.

Centralise all your information. This will let you increase your control capacity, resulting in more efficient financial management.

The PRIMAVERA Public Sector solution lets you integrate all the business's information in this central core. The extensibility and parameterisation capacity of this solution ensure the integration of data from a variety of systems, applications and platforms. This means you get an overall view of all the departments, activities and operations.

Information becomes more cohesive. Management is more efficient. And financial sustainability is guaranteed.

Make sound strategic, tactical and operational decisions.

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Decision-making has never been so informed!
All the information you need to define profitable strategies is hidden behind the data scattered throughout various departments, operating units and information systems.

Learn how to interpret the messages the business is sending you. Centralise your data and convert information into knowledge. Get access to a comprehensive range of analyses, charts and dashboards containing essential information for decision-making.

Know every detail of your operating costs, supply costs, internal requisitions, gains, profitability of equipment and staff arrivals and departures, along with a host of other analyses that provide you with the basis for informed strategic, tactical and operational decision-making.
Optimise performance with fast, standardised processes.

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Did you know that standardising processes can have a huge impact on productivity?  And that the result will be improved quality across your entire business?

Implement standards with less effort. Cut the cost of quality management and performance monitoring. Abolish the risks of non-conformity.

Improve results by ensuring maximum internal efficiency. Easily standardise the procedures associated with every activity, define the necessary skills and competences, add key performance indicators and assess how well each process conforms to your organisation's rules.

And you can also streamline supplier selection processes, internal document organisation and the assessment of stakeholder satisfaction. All this, in integrated fashion, through the Qpoint platform.

Simplify expense management.Information anytime/anywhere.

Is managing your employees' expenses still a manual, painstaking and complex process?

Record and approve expenses anywhere. Process advances and refunds rapidly. Carry out efficient credit card management. Speed up all expense management operations using theExpense Management solution.

Simplify expense management.