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Accountant Starter

Move forward with full confidence!

Here is the management software that matches your drive. Do your customers’ accounts anywhere, for just €85/month.

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Boost your accounting office’s business from the very first day.

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With Accountant Starter, all you have to be concerned with is signing up customers. This solution ensures that you provide top-quality service, with the stamp of a brand that has been recognised for its solid handling of corporate accounting operations for over 20 years.

Consolidate your business. Accountant Starter is the right solution to help boost your activity: 

  • Low user costs with a recognised brand of software
  • Access to the Cloud, anywhere and on any device - An end to worries about technical support, maintenance and updates
  • Permanent updating for alterations in legislation and tax regulations
  • Speedy tax and management reporting
  • Fast and consistent operations
  • Maximum efficiency in providing service to up to 30 companies
Learn how to have access to this solution.

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Pay only for what you use.

With the SaaS (software as a service) model, you do not need to acquire and install the software. Access is performed from an internet-connected device following the acquisition of a temporary usage license.

The use of this solution does not require an initial investment. Through payment of a monthly fee, you gain access to the software including its continuous maintenance and updates.
Boost your business wherever you are.

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In the office, on the street, visiting a customer or while at home, you have everything you need to boost your business. The Accountant Starter solution offers you the security of a robust management software solution, backed by over 20 years of experience, and the flexibility you need to drive results.

Handle processes quickly. The solution’s mechanisms guarantee integrated management of the accounting areas of management, sales, human resources and assets. They also speed up accurate tax and financial reporting.

Offer your customers first-class service and exceed their expectations: 

  • Speed and accuracy in filling out and turning in tax statements
  • Fast and reliable financial reporting
  • Simplicity in managing payroll and personnel expenses
  • Streamline asset life-cycle management
  • Rigorous and transparent accounting and management service
Fast response to tax matters.

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Speed up the processes for filling out and turning in your customers’ tax statements.
With Accountant Starter, gathering and inputting data are automated, assuring you of the greatest productivity and speed in finalising tasks.

Access highly productive mechanisms for the inputting of documents, processing VAT and the verification of results, Form 22, the annual statement and its various annexes, both periodic and year end economic and financial statements, cash flow statements and functions, among the many other features that process accounting quickly and efficiently.

Streamline the management of various schedules and forms/statements. Features such as batch processing, automatic updating of tax forms and the integration with the Tax Authority web services ensure your office achieves the highest productivity levels.

With this solution, you also have access to the PRIMAVERA Fiscal Reporting Manager, an application developed from the ground up to streamline the accounting business

Simple, quick and efficient Billing.

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Set monthly retainers and invoice your customers -it’s a very simple process with this solution.
Easily define a list of documents to be invoiced (associated with entities or contracts), their frequency, the contents of the invoices and the dates of execution.

Access tools that streamline commercial processes, from the creation of quotations to the registration of orders, the sending and receiving of accounting documents, and even communications with the Tax Authority (AT).

Maximise your administrative efficiency. With this solution you don’t have to waste your time dealing with long, drawn-out administrative matters. You can choose electronic means for sending and receiving commercial documents such as invoices, receipts, debit or credit notes. When you access the e-Transactions service, the integrity of the documents, security and compliance with all the legal requirements associated with electronic transactions are all guaranteed.

Streamlined management of remunerations and fees.

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Simplify the management of your customer companies’ human resources.
With Accountant Starter, the management of remunerations and contributions is streamlined through automated processes and batch operations.

Automate time-consuming operations that are subject to errors. Automatically handle the processing of salaries and other remunerations, contributory and withholding systems, retainers, commissions, indemnifications, the issuance of mandatory official reports and other charges.

Speed up the management of contracts, as well: from monitoring trial periods, to the renewal or termination of contracts. This solution also simplifies the management of SHST (Occupational Health, Hygiene and Safety) and the other operations related to the management of human capital.

Fast, rigorous management of fixed asset life cycles.

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With Accountant Starter, the accounting, tax and legal aspects of asset management are streamlined and precise.

Simplify fixed-asset life-cycle management – beginning with the recording of acquisitions and on through to the calculation of depreciation, posting revaluations, logging repairs, disposals and write-downs.

Producing charts in accordance with the most recent accounting rules (IFRSs) is quick and easy. This solution automates the calculation of depreciation/amortisation, revaluations and deferred income (subsidies), the linear, pro-rated (twelfths) or annual treatment of assets, the posting of extraordinary depreciation/amortisation, the processing of impairments, the decomposition of assets and transfers of values between assets, plus the logging of repairs, disposals and write-downs.

You can even simulate various scenarios of depreciation. This way, it is much easier to determine the best option for making the most of the available tax benefits in accordance with the current rules.

Speedy and accurate financial reports.

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Quickly get financial reports with accounting information that is always up to date.
Through this solution, you can access XLS Financial, a powerful tool for data processing and analysis, which works from an Excel spreadsheet.

In a matter of a few seconds, you get ready-to-use reports – charts with economic and financial analysis, the calculation of taxable profit or the presentation of accounts, financial reports, analysis of ratios and other multiannual comparison indicators. All this, in a matter of seconds and in a simple and very intuitive form, using a tool that’s very familiar to you – Microsoft Excel.

You are also offered mathematical formulas that you can add on, creating any number of reports according to the requirements of your customers. This configuration allows you to quickly extract reports for up to a maximum of 30 companies.

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