The menu at your fingertips!

Pssst! Experience

The menu at your fingertips!

Meet the self-order service that is revolutionising the restaurant sector.

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An innovative experience that is transformed into sales.

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Communicate quickly and effectively with your customers.
Through Pssst! ExperienceTM optimise the dissemination of your offers, campaigns, special dates and other opportunities for your customers.

All they have to do is download this free application at the App Store. Then, they quickly consult their smartphone for all the information, make reservations, give you their order and immediately know how much they are going to spend. Everything is simple, fast and very practical. You just have to be on your toes and make them offers. Your customers will love it!

Make your service even faster and more efficient with the Digital Menu system available for tablets. Your team will be more productive, because they won’t have to take down all the orders any more. Using the Digital Menu, customers choose and place their own orders.

Get to know your customers well. With Pssst! Experience™ you keep a record your customers’ buying habits and feedback, so you can constantly adjust your offer to their preferences.

Improve the quality of your offers. With Pssst! ExperienceTM, you can be sure of offering excellent customer service.

Win over more customers all the time, thanks to an innovative interactive experience.

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Adapt your business to the trends. Enter the age of digital interaction and speed up your results. Fast access to information is a differentiating factor that is growing in value.

Offer a unique service that brings results:

  • Faster and more efficient management of orders
  • Sophisticated and modern image
  • Efficient communication with customers
  • More profitable use of resources
  • Lower operating costs
  • A fast return on your investment
  • Serving customers in various languages is easy
Learn how to have access to this solution.

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The freedom to access the office from any location.

Based on an innovative platform developed from scratch for the internet, this solution is available on PRIMAVERA’s Cloud, a solid infrastructure that affords you maximum security and permanent availability.

You do not need to install the software. When you subscribe to this solution (through the PRIMAVERA portal or the partner network) you will receive the access information, after which all you need is an internet-connected device in order to use it.

Subscription to this service includes the software and its continuous maintenance and updates.

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