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The majority of companies in Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde manage their business using Portuguese technology

PRIMAVERA BSS management solutions lead the software market in the PALOP countries, according to a study by IDC

According to a study by IDC, one of the world’s leading consultancy firms for information technology, telecommunications and consumer electronics, the Portuguese technology company PRIMAVERA BSS is the undisputed market leader in the PALOP countries (countries where Portuguese is an official language) of Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde. According to the report "The Business Management Software Market in Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde”, which encompassed companies of all sizes and business sectors, PRIMAVERA’s business management software is the solution with the highest number of customers in each of these three African countries. 

This study revealed that the solutions of the Portuguese technology company are used by 34% of companies operating in the Angolan market, 23% in the Mozambican market and 34% of companies in Cape Verde. The segment of the 100 largest companies of each of these markets was also analysed, and the findings show that the PRIMAVERA solutions are clearly the top choice of large organisations.

The independent study by IDC also included other indicators of technological development, in order to determine the degree of technological maturity of these markets, measuring the levels of computer use by the entrepreneurial fabric, the main criteria used in the acquisition of management software programmes (ERP) and the levels of Internet use in the companies set up in those countries. The numbers presented in the study are in line with the results obtained by PRIMAVERA BSS in 2014. The company’s international business contributed 8.3 million euros to the total turnover, which represents a 45% share and a 14% growth year-on-year. 

In these markets, the solutions of the Portuguese technology company are the ones most sought after by companies working in a wide range of business sectors, and users include numerous key organisations such as Acticon, Cuca, Griner, De Beers, Score Media and KPMG in Angola; Vale, DHL, Galp Energia, Grupo Visabeira, WaterAid and Africom in Mozambique; and, in Cape Verde, the Stock Exchange, the Post Office, Electra, Inpharma and Rádio Televisão Caboverdiana.
"More and more, business management solutions are considered by the company administrators in these countries as an essential element for guaranteeing operating efficiency and high levels of organisational performance,” says Gabriel Coimbra, Country Manager of IDC Portugal, who concluded, "This investment is the natural evolution of markets with high levels of technological development at the entrepreneurial level.”

"The African market’s share in PRIMAVERA’s turnover continues to grow, reinforcing our strategy of investment in the technological modernisation and sophistication of the management processes in Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde. These results substantiate our strategy of supporting the process of internationalisation into these markets and are proof that our solutions are perfectly adapted to the cultural, fiscal and economic reality of these countries,” points out José Dionísio, Co-CEO of PRIMAVERA BSS.

PRIMAVERA operates in Portugal, Spain, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, São Tomé e Príncipe and the United Arab Emirates, and its current customer base totals around 40,000.