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PRIMAVERA revolutionizes catering services with the Pssst! Experience solution

Pssst! Experience replaces traditional menus with tablets and smartphones and gives the customer full autonomy to choose his/her orders by means of a free app.

PRIMAVERA BSS has just announced the availability of the new Pssst! ExperienceTMsolution, which will revolutionize catering services by replacing traditional menus with tablets and smartphones and promoting greater interactivity with the end customer.

With this new solution, which is compatible with the iOS (smartphones) and Android (tablets and smartphones) operating systems, restaurants can now make their menus available through dedicated tablets or through their customers’ mobile devices by means of a free app, which enables customers to select menu items, place orders, configure choices of appetizers, wines or desserts and access the chef’s recommendations, among other information - all of this online, whether at the restaurant or while heading towards it.

Free app offers interactive self-order service from mobile devices

Restaurants using PRIMAVERA’s Pssst!TMmanagement software can use this solution to communicate with their customers by means of an app, providing an interactive self-order service from their mobile devices.

Customers need only download the free Pssst! ExperienceTM app available at the App Store or on Google Play, and access information on the adherent restaurants, their location or promotions. This app also provides addresses and directions to the establishment and allows customers to make reservations or consult menus. At the restaurant proper, the customer can place his/her order from the available menu, after a QR code has been read. With access to all the information regarding the establishment’s menu, the customer can browse freely.

"The Pssst! ExperienceTM app endows catering establishments with an image of sophistication and modernity which will translate into a unique service”, says David Afonso, Senior Vice President of PRIMAVERA BSS."Through this app, clients can provide feedback on the service provided, which is a competitive advantage of enormous added value for establishments to adjust their offer and service according to their customers’ wishes, increasing customer loyalty and attracting more customers”.

Integration with the POS (Point of Sale) Pssst!TM solution automatizes business management in real time

This solution integrates with the POS (Point of Sale) Pssst!TM solution, developed by PRIMAVERA to modernize client service and increase the sales point productivity of companies operating in the catering business. The Pssst!TMsolution receives and processes orders places through the Pssst! ExperienceTM, integrating them simply and automatically in the sales circuit and adding the necessary features to provide the customer with a service of excellence.