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PRIMAVERA Launches Cloud Solution for Enterprise Asset Management

PRIMAVERA Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) will enable companies to maximize the investments made in equipment.

The Portuguese technology company PRIMAVERA BSS, a multinational company specialized in the development of management solutions for the global market, has just announced the availability of their new cloud native solution for managing business assets and installations - PRIMAVERA Enterprise Asset Management (EAM).

Aimed at companies that are extremely dependent on the operational state of their equipment, especially in the fields of industry, construction, health, hotel management, public administration or intelligent building management, PRIMAVERA EAM makes it possible to define, control and manage the entire equipment maintenance process on an operational and strategic level, from any location that has internet access.

PRIMAVERA’s new cloud native solution thus ensures maximum equipment profitability, proper management of equipment life cycles, the efficient coordination of technical teams and of existing resources, as well as the control of maintenance-related costs.

One of the major benefits and the main differentiating factor of PRIMAVERA EAM is the technological platform on which it is based, developed from scratch to support cloud solutions. It therefore stands out because of its many advantages associated with a cloud native model, such as mobility and ease of access.

With PRIMAVERA EAM, from any location with Internet access, businesses can access information about work orders, register malfunctions, report costs associated with interventions, request materials and register values in meters and control points, among other operations that significantly facilitate maintenance management.

"Major investments are often made in equipment that easily degrades due to the inexistence of a system that enables the rigorous control of the equipment life cycle”, says David Afonso, Vice President of PRIMAVERA BSS. "An efficient, planned, programmed, preventive and suitably controlled maintenance is an indispensable condition for companies looking for the perfect balance between an increase in competitiveness and rigorous cost control”.

PRIMAVERA EAM: A Universal and Transverse Management Tool

PRIMAVERA EAM is a universal solution that integrates with any management system on the market, and that is also capable of functioning autonomously as an overall solution for the maintenance management of business assets and installations.

Furthermore, PRIMAVERA EAM assumes a level of importance that cuts across the entire business, since practically everything hinges on the maintenance of company assets and equipment: the level of productivity, efficiency of operational processes, level of organizational performance, quality of products and services, profitability of technical teams, durability of both equipment and installations, operational costs, as well as the company image itself.

PRIMAVERA EAM ensures proper management of equipment in terms of its availability, the extension of its useful life cycle, its maximized operational capacity, optimization of its cost-effectiveness, a rapid return on the investment made and the reduction of maintenance costs.

PRIMAVERA EAM also supports safety in the workplace through mechanisms that help to manage the safety conditions required for the use of each item of equipment.

In terms of quality, PRIMAVERA EAM assists in managing conformity, an essential feature for certified businesses or companies that conduct their activities based on solid management practices.

PRIMAVERA EAM further complies with international standards associated with assets management, thus ensuring a standardized usage anywhere in the world. This solution also provides standardized performance indexes (KPI) (MTTR, MTBF, MWT) that assist in the decision-making process in accordance with international standards.