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PRIMAVERA acquires SINFIC Business Unit

The Eye Peak business unit, composed of the solutions Eye Peak WMS and DMS will thus integrate the global supply of PRIMAVERA solutions.

With this acquisition, technology extends the offer and reinforces its focus on the middle market
PRIMAVERA BSS announced that it has acquired the business unit Eye Peak from SINFIC. PRIMAVERA wants to strengthen its commitment to the middle market with this acquisition, extending its offer to warehouse and distribution management areas.
The Eye Peak business unit, composed of the solutions Eye Peak WMS  and DMS - an advanced management system stores and a distribution service management system, respectively - will thus be part of the global supply of PRIMAVERA solutions. To ensure seamless integration of these solutions in the company's portfolio, PRIMAVERA has also integrated into its ranks the team that designed, developed, implemented and supports the Eye Peak solutions.
"With the integration of Eye Peak solutions in our offer, we are extending our market performance and  strengthen our approach arguments with increasingly comprehensive and integrated solutions," said Jorge Batista, Co-CEO of PRIMAVERA BSS. "The integration of Eye Peak team inside PRIMAVERA will allow us to ensure that all knowledge about the product, the particular needs of each client and the target market of these solutions are leveraged to the fullest."
With business customers in Portugal and Africa - such as VASP, Digidelta, Imporáfrica, Additional, Garcias, Aldis, Trasnfrio, Express Network - the Eye Peak solutions are supported by an integrated management platform, control and enforcement processes that reduce costs and achieve productivity gains.

Eye Peak WMS: For efficient logistics
The Eye Peak WMS solution is an advanced management system (Warehouse Management System) able to optimize the logistics operations in indoor environment. This multi-language and multi-warehouse solution responds to articles management needs, monitoring all operations (traceability downstream and upstream), third party management (customers and suppliers), order management, route management, reception, shipping, returns (suppliers and customers) and management of operations.
All warehouse activities - from storage to picking, through re-packaging, kitting, inventory, until the transfer between warehouses - are considered by the management features of Eye Peak WMS solution. This solution integrates with industry-leading management solutions, as well as specific solutions of the major players of the logistics and distribution sectors: DHL, Torrestir, GLS, Schenker, Kardex, among others.

Eye Peak DMS: For a flawless service
The Eye Peak DMS solution is a distribution service management system (Distribution Management System) that can automate and streamline all processes related to the management of persons, services and times. The solution allows you to obtain an overview of the planning of deliveries and the respective track and trace, and the identification of the causes of non-deliveries and returns and respective electronic register. This solution substantially reduces operating costs by eliminating redundant tasks, freeing distributors for better planning of the agenda and carry out the visits in the best times / intervals.

More information at: www.eyepeak.com