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Companies Can Now Manage Expenses on the Move with New Solution from PRIMAVERA

With the PRIMAVERA Expense Management cloud solution, companies can manage employee expenses in real time, from any location.

The Portuguese technology company PRIMAVERA BSS has just announced the availability of its new cloud solution, PRIMAVERA Expense Management. Developed exclusively for a web environment, this solution simplifies the entire process of expense management, from the moment the expense is registered to its settlement, enabling greater productivity, cost efficiency and management control.

From any internet-enabled computer, tablet or smartphone, it is possible to quickly access PRIMAVERA Expense Management and deal with the processes related to expense management. This means that, at the same moment that the expense is generated, it is also possible to register it. To do this, simply capture a photo of the receipt/invoice, upload it to an inbox folder and associate the document to the expense. The approval workflows will then proceed in accordance with the company’s document circuit and hierarchy.

"With the new PRIMAVERA Expense Management, the period of time which separates the moment an expense is made from its registration and reimbursement is drastically reduced, leading to enhanced productivity in, for example, sales teams”, declares David Afonso, Senior Vice President of PRIMAVERA BSS. "The elimination of the time-consuming manual processes, the management of expenses in real time, the control of credit card movements and the rigour in settling advance payments are just some of the business benefits enabled by this new cloud native solution”.

PRIMAVERA Expense Management: Compatible with Any Business Management Software

The PRIMAVERA Expense Management solution was designed and developed in order to integrate with any business management software (ERP), and in its current version, integration with ERP PRIMAVERA is provided. This integration enables a high level of control over expenses, whether these are reimbursements, advance payments or confirmations of movements associated to credit cards. In terms of management control, this is a crucial solution because it provides in-depth information on the amounts and origins of costs associated with employee expenses, by means of several dashboards and management maps.