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Time - workdays of 9:30 at 6:30 pm

Business Talks - Controlling Management

Braga - April 21 || Oporto - April 23 || Lisbon - April 28 || Faro - May 7

This event intendes to bring together managers, CFOs and Controllers of different organizations in a forum to debate on the challenges of Controlling Management and the role of management systems in the support of business decision. The success of companies depends, increasingly, on best practices supported by easy and rapid access to relevant information about sales, treasury, profitability analysis, among other areas, which is only possible with the help of advanced tools.

We count on the intervention of renowned experts with a unique experience in the area, with a focus for discussion, networking and the exchange of experiences.

Program & Registration


09h00 - 09h45: Reception & Business Breakfast
09h45 - 10h00: Welcoming      
10h00 - 10h30:  Work Session: Professor Joaquim Barreiros
10h30 - 11h00:  Work Session: Flávio Meneses
11h00 - 11h25:  Case Study
11h25 - 11h30: Closing


BragaApril 21th09h00Auditorium PRIMAVERAsee hereRegister here
OportoApril 23rd09h00
Casa da Músicasee hereRegister here
LisbonApril 28th09h00
A definir - Brevemente 
FaroMay 7th09h00
A definir
 - Brevemente 

 Note: Free registration limited to availability.