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The Christmas of 1000 children supported by Cáritas Diocesiana Portuguesa (Portuguese Catholic Charity) will have another shine with the initiative "Um Brinquedo por um Sorriso” (A toy for a smile). This initiative, sponsored by PRIMAVERA’s community, offers Christmas gifts chosen by institutionalized children coming from economic contexts and difficult families.

This initiative began more than ten years ago, involving the whole PRIMAVERA community from employees, partners and customers, reaching thousands of children. In 2015, this cause will support children of the Cáritas Diocesana de Aveiro, Azores (Terceira Island), Algarve, Braga, Coimbra, Viana do Castelo, Viseu, Portalegre, Évora, Beja, Setúbal and Lisbon. Besides these entities, the initiative also supports other institutions such as Lar Berço das Necessidades (Viana do Castelo), CAT Rebelo Duarte in Vieira do Minho, Associação Raríssimas – Norte (Maia) and the Abrigo Infantil Nossa Senhora da Conceição, in Funchal Island (Madeira).

Since 2010 this initiative has been extended to 1,000 children each year, bringing the magic of Christmas to more than 5000 children ever since.